Analogue October

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Nestled in the heart of Historic Chichester, West Sussex, Analogue October Records first opened its doors in 2017 . After some 30 years in the film industry working on all manner of big film projects, I knew I needed a side project that would allow me to decompress after working on a shoot for 12 - 16 weeks.

Analogue October actually started of as an experiment several years ago where I wanted to do a complete digital detox and not use any contemporary devices for music playback. No downloads, streaming allowed. Just records and tapes.

Little did I know that that experiment would not only turn into something bigger (the shop), but several years later, I'm still rocking the Walkman.

Whilst I don’t think of myself as a speciality retailer, there is a gentle bias towards all things Jazz. I only stock new vinyl, having decided not to sell 2nd Hand out of respect to two very well established shops already in the town. This has worked out great, as I'm now the only seller of new vinyl in town after HMV closed its doors and re-grouped elsewhere.

The shop is my absolute pride and joy. Even now, throughout Lockdown, I have been in the shop every day, building the new website and doing hand deliveries to the shops very loyal and passionate customers.