Level Crossing Records

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We believe that much like a record spinning on a platter and the slow drip of an espresso, coffee and music are both best enjoyed in their most analogue forms.

We decided to open a record store around 3 years ago...I have always been a collector, played in various bands so the dream to open my own store has always been there. We live 10 minutes from the shop in East Sheen, South West London. The store's regulars have become an extended family to us. They are the reason we get up in the morning and the best thing about owning a record store.

Our store is much more like a bar than a record store. People hang out all day talking about music and listening to vinyl whilst having a coffee. It's a real community. We don’t focus on any specific genres and we pride ourselves on being eclectic. Our staff members regularly play live sets in-store and our customers often DJ.

Features include an incredible psychedelic counter manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and 1970s pinball light box...


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