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Longwell records opened its doors in April 2016 and I went from having  a 30 year career in learning disabilities & as a Drug and alcohol worker in Bristol to being a record shop owner recently celebrating its 4th birthday. We celebrated this milestone  by asking LWR customers to share pics of themselves on social media sporting a Longwell Records tee t-shirt!

For every pic shared Iain who owns & runs Longwell Records donated a £1 to Keynsham Food bank, £200 was donated. This is what we are like at our little record shop, it’s all about the music and vinyl community looking after each other.

Since lockdown the shop has gone through some bleak times but in the last few weeks a definite resurgence has grown with lots of records being purchased from customers all over the world.

Our social media has really helped with tons of support from people like Geoff Barrow (Beak) and The Sleaford mods! We were chosen by SM to offer a Test pressing to customers in a competition! I was so grateful to them for this as it gives us that much needed promotion in the current climate.We also have had great support from Uwe Baltner a german  Instagram car karaoke sensation who has 1.7 MILLION followers! Uwe sports Longwell Records t shirts whilst singing on instagram to hundreds of thousands of people. We have also become very close to Paul Cooper AKA Martin Mucklowe in BBC comedy This Country who regularly puts out supportive tweets for the shop. But the most important people to support us are the Longwell Records customers, they are the people who will keep this shop going, the amount of lovely messages we get from them is the reason why I want to keep working hard every day to make sure Keynshams finest record shop stays open.

My wife is a keyworker and she is involved in the running of several care homes for a charity & she is the real hero in the Aitchison household & I owe it to people like her and other LWR Keyworking customers to make sure we have somewhere to  engage with friends  old & new to discuss play and buy records. We are selling online at discogs ebay and on our webstite. We have 1500 records on discogs with more merch and tunes on our website. Plus I have been delivering some orders locally on the Longwell records bicycle which the customers love, the sight of a sweaty 51 year old record shop owner sociably distancing himself whist dropping off their records is a sight to behold! Massive thank you for all our support. x


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