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Over our 25 year existence, Norman Records has aged as dramatically as your average human. We started off callow, we're now somewhat wizened.

Started by our Phil as a baby operation in a Leeds attic bedroom in 1996, we went to school in the early 00s (literally working out of a converted school building), before a growth spurt took us to the lovable 60s brutalist tower block we now call our adult home.

What’s sustained all this is an ineffable belief in the wonders of vinyl, our ability to seek out the best music that gets pressed on it, and our desire to get it to you with the minimum of fuss.

But our age and wisdom are not the only things that have changed. As we’ve grown we’ve started selling records by artists we’ve never sold before, which means we have the great pleasure of listing the new Lady Gaga alongside the latest Dalham, something that Phil-working-out-of-his-attic would scarcely have believed. Admittedly that’s also because Lady Gaga didn’t break through till the late 2010s, but you get the point.

As an online record store we’ve been operating in much the same way as usual during these strange times, when coronavirus has closed physical record shops. Aside from the inevitable delays to everything, the main thing that has changed is the suspension of our click-and-collect operation. Most of our custom is online so we don’t get to meet as many of our customers as the average record store, but if any of our regulars are reading this please know that we’re looking forward to the day when we can hand you your records ourselves once again.

And to all our customers, new and old, we’re glad that we can continue to get you the music you care about.

Even if that is taking quite a bit longer at the moment. And even if sometimes we think that music’s a bit naff.


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