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Rough Trade NYC

Although Rough Trade is relatively new to the States, it has a long and storied history in the UK. It’s an independent music institution that’s played a crucial role in the punk and post-punk scenes of the 1970s, and the staff’s curatorial voice has helped to launch artists across all genres ever since then.

When Rough Trade NYC opened back in November of 2013, it was considered a bold and unexpected move, even by the most fanatic record enthusiasts. Repurposing an old warehouse, the store was the largest record store in NYC since the likes of Virgin Megastore and Tower Records which had shuttered their stores years earlier. Located in Brooklyn’s hip and colorful Williamsburg neighborhood, the store includes a 250 person venue, cafe, mezzanine book store, Blackwing Loft, plus various pop-up activities. Designed to be a uniquely inspiring place for music celebration and discovery, seven years on we’re happy to report that this initial vision has been realized. We’ve become a destination spot for record fiend tourists, as well as the store the locals can rely on to carry almost everything.  We’ve hosted amazing instores with burgeoning newcomers as well as huge artists like Wilco, Gorillaz, and Jack White, and each year Record Store Day becomes even more epic. Until this year....

When the Coronavirus became less an abstract threat and more of an immediate reality, like most retail outlets, we had no choice but to temporarily close the store. Fortunately, we’ve been able to carry on with our online store (roughtrade.com), where our customers (new and regular) can pre-order all the great upcoming releases, get hold hold of vinyl bargains and all of our exclusive vinyl variants and UK imports.

In addition to our online store, we’ve been hosting Rough Trade ‘Transmissions’ on Instagram TV (@RoughTradeNYC): intimate performances from artists like Lucinda Williams, Paul Weller and Ride, Q&As with Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Hinds and Dream Wife, and revealing looks at the record collections of people like Chicano Batman, RJD2 and Metronomy.

In this climate of uncertainty, one thing is for certain - music isn’t going anywhere - right now, it’s undoubtedly needed more than ever. Rest assured, Rough Trade will continue to be a place you can visit, online and someday soon again, in person. In the meantime, be sure to sign up below to our must-have newsletter that tips you off on all the hot records we’re able to source, follow our Twitter and/or Instagram , and of course, have a browse and hopefully discover a great record or two (or several) at roughtrade.com

Stay well, be safe - thank you for listening.


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