Stranger Than Paradise

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Stranger Than Paradise Records is Noreen, Phil & Sonny - We’re long time friends and previous record store, colleagues.

STP is a small independent record shop dedicated to sourcing the best new releases and reissues.  Our store is located in Hackney, within the vibrant Mare Street Market - a large 900 sqm multipurpose space formerly used in the 80’s as a dole office, it now hosts DJ’s, a restaurant, late-night bar, deli, coffee roastery, a florist and hairdresser!

Since opening over two years ago, we’ve organised quite a few exclusive, limited edition vinyl pressings in conjunction with the Sound Way label, Mexican Summer, Anthology Records, and Heavenly Records all super limited and sold out instantly! We’ve hosted a wide range of events at the store from Theon Cross, David Holmes, Acid Arab, Ultraista, Michael Kiwanuka signing, Heavenly 30th Birthday Celebrations and Steve Davis to name a few.  Last year, we had the immense honor of accommodating the late great Andrew Weatherall who played our first birthday party.

Listen to the playlist here.

It was an incredible evening with Andrew’s DJ set only consisting of records he had bought and loved from our store.

Sadly like many other record stores across the country, The lockdown has forced us to relocate the shop to our homes and run our mail-order from there, it’s been a struggle but we’ve powered through with the amazing support from our customers!

We’re so determined to survive these uncertain times, we’ve been offering a free “No contact / Social distancing” bike service within a 3-mile radius of the shop, it’s gone down a real storm within our local community and proved to be a life-line for us and our hardcore customers who don’t want to miss out on those weekly releases or need to soundtrack their isolation -  proving that music really is the healing, positive force for good in these strange times.

The future is definitely bright for Stranger Than Paradise with plenty to be excited about, keep your eyes peeled for some BIG incoming news! - We hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe out there, hopefully, you’ll come and pay us a visit when this is all over.

A massive thanks to Love Record Stores for shining a light on the importance of independent records stores up and down the country!

Sending Warmth,